Firstly: Understanding Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing simply is selling other people’s products and make a commission on every sale you generated from your efforts of promoting those products and that can be utilized offline or online. but it is much more common online.

Why Online Affiliate Marketing?

Online affiliate marketing is much common and it is also easier to get started with due to the following reasons:

  • Low start up cost and even you can start for absolutely free in some cases.
  • There is NO NEED to talk to people, everything can be done 100% online.
  • You can do it anywhere, all what you need is a computer and internet connection
  • Fixable working time, as you can set up your own working schedule.

Types of Affiliate Commissions:

  • Low Ticket One-Time Commissions Per Sale: You can make as low as $3, $10 up to $50 Per sale.
  • Mid & High Ticket Commissions: It can be more that $100 to $1,000+ Per sale!
  • One-Time Commission Per (Lead / Sign Up) that is what is called CPA Marketing (Cost Per Acquisition)
  • Recurring Commissions: you get the customer once and you keep getting paid every month/year as long as that customer is using that service.
  • Second Tier Affiliate Commissions: In this one you have the option to recruit other affiliates and you generate a second tier affiliate commission when they generate any sale but this type is not so common and also it is not available for everybody.
  • Multilevel Commissions: Those are the commissions that you generate in multilevel/ network marketing opportunities by recruiting other marketers and get them to recruit others and so one through multiple levels, and the commissions you generate will come from the overall effort of all the people in your downline and that depends on the compensation plan structure of that company.

Secondly: Total Newbie Strategies

There are several ways for a total newbie – who have no experience or tried several things and failed before – to start with affiliate marketing, and in that depends on:

1) Your Available Time:

And I mean by that the time available for you to learn and work on building your affiliate marketing business, and we can divide that to several categories:

  • Category #1: You have two jobs or more and you cannot spend more than 2 Hours per day working on your business and you don’t lots of focus and mental energy.
  • Category #2: You have a full-time job as your main source of income, and you can spare 3 to 4 hours per day to work on building your online business.
  • Category #3: You are a retired, dependent or wife-house and you can dedicate much more time to build your online business, that can be up to 5 to 8 hours per day or more.

So, First of all you must decide which category you belongs to, or in other words how long time you can spend everyday to work on building your business?

2) Your Extra Money:

I mean by that money an EXTRA money that you can use to build your online business, and you can spend that money on:

  • Buying quality course/s and training
  • Spend on necessary tools and memberships
  • On paid marketing to scale up your business faster

There is no specific figure here, that depends on your finical situation right now and how much you are welling to keep aside every month to spend on growing your business…
… Maybe you cannot keep aside more that $30 per month, or maybe $200 per month or more!… its also possible that you may have nothing at all to spend, even in that case there are some options for you get started with and I’ll share them with you here.

So, what you have to do right now is to decide what is the maximum amount that you can keep and save per month so you can use in your online business?

…But make sure to be honest with yourself and look at your monthly live expenses and the EXTRA things that you can cutoff and stop spending money to save that money and use it to build your online business instead which can generate you much more money in the long run 🙂

But, if your situation is really bad financially, and you honestly cannot keep any extra money don’t worry I can share with you to start 100% FREE! and you can use a portion of that money you’ll earn to reinvest back in your business. However having some money to spend from the beginning may result in much faster growth in your business.

Newbie Method #1: Done For You Affiliate Marketing System:

This is the fastest and easiest way to get started as most of the work is done for you, the marketing system (automated selling process) was build for you! All what you have to do is to copy following a detailed to step-by-step video tutorial, traffic generation training is also included.

This is ideal for those:

  • Who cannot spend any money, or may be little bit of money ($0 – $55 Per Month)
  • Who cannot spend more than 2 – 4 per day, however it can work even better if you can spend more time
  • Who don’t have the skills or not welling to build their own marketing systems from scratch, and they prefer to start with a complete done for theme Business-In-Box.

Here’s some options for this method that you can pick from:

3 Hour Cash Machine

150 Leads Per Day System

Copy More Affiliate Marketing Funnels

Newbie Method #2: Build Your Own Marketing Funnels:

You can start your affiliate marketing business by learning how to start from scratch, by learning the basics and how to build your own marketing funnels.

This Method requires more patience and extra work and focus to start getting good results from, but in the long run it is going to be really profitable if you are putting all of your focus on.

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Newbie Method #3: Build Your Brand and Create Content:

This strategy revolves around content marketing, and you building your brand and get other people to know you, Like you and Trust you (KLT Formula) and then you can recommend affiliates products through your own affiliate link and make sales.

This is a very powerful way to start with affiliate marketing but it requires lots of effort and work in creating content and also sharing some of your personally live may be required, so if you are prepared and welling to do that this may not be the best way to get started.

I cannot explain all the details about this strategy here, but I’ll share the main steps that you can do to get started with this strategy:

  • STEP (1): Pick a specific niche market that is profitable.

    Decide what niche you already know lots of information about or you are interested to learn about and there is affiliate products that you can sell in that niche.


  • STEP (2): Pick only one content sharing channel / platform:

    Pick only one channel to share your content, and that depends on your personal preferences.

    If you like writing then you can create your own website Blog to share your content in Text Format.

    But if you like to connect with other people and may be share some of you personality you may pick social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram …etc)

    If you like to build your personal brand and create videos, then you can create video content on YouTube.


  • STEP (3): Market Research

    In this steps you need to spend some time 2 – 4 weeks researching for topics in your niche market and see which topics are getting lots of view and what people are interested to learn about.

    What you can do here is to see what the TOP content creators in your niche who are creating content about. and see what there follower comments and interactions

    At the end you should come up with list of topics that you can start with and create content about.


  • STEP (4): Creating & Posting Your Content

    Now you can start creating your content pieces (videos, articles, posts ..etc) and then post them in your preferred marketing channel that you selected.


    1. In your content you should focus on adding value not just creating product review and selling… 70% free value and 30% promoting and recommending.

    2. Your promotions should be as s recommendation not hard selling! … provide value first about specific problem that your affiliate offer is solving then recompensed the product as a solution or easier way to do things.

    3. Always remember to add a CTA (Call to Action) in your content when you recommend your affiliate offers. For example if you on YouTube let them know that your affiliate link is in the description so that go there and click it to check the product and purchase.


  • STEP (5): Sharing Your Content & Getting Followers

    You can share your pieces of content in other places where your targeted prospects are gathering. “
    For example: you can join the top Facebook groups in your niche market where people are interacting actively, share with them some information and reply to comments and questions so you can build credibility and trust, do that without sharing you any links.

    Then, you can start sharing pieces of content links but be careful and share only the content pieces that will share pure content so do don’t get blocked by the group admin for spamming!

    keep doing that consistently and you should start seeing people interacting with you, visiting your links to learn more and a portion of them will start following you or subscribe to your channel.


  • STEP (6): Keep it going and be Consistent:

    All what you have to do is to repeat the previous last 3 Steps over and over and over

    1) Do the research every while and find more topics to create content about
    2) Create and post your content
    3) Share your content and get more follower

Thirdly: Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies

In the advanced level you can grow your business much more faster by becoming a creator. I don’t mean creating just pieces of content but in addition to:

1. Creating Advanced & Viral Marketing Systems:

You can create a system that can be replicated like a marketing funnel or membership site where you can get other people to join and promote for you as an exchange for some great benefits that they will get by doing that.

At the end you’ll get 100’s or even 1,000’s of people to promote and brand you build your email list for you for for free! that what we call LEVERAGING!

But this way is not for newbies, it may require lots of work and time to be able to build such system. Not mentioning the required experience and 100’s of hours that you need to put to work to get up with something that will really convert and get you results.

In the meantime there is not much that I can share about this strategy in this short article, but I’m planing come up with other articles or videos about it in the future. so don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and join my Facebook Group so you don’t miss any of my future updates and training.

2. Creating Your Own Products:

Creating your own products and recruiting affiliates to promote for you is one of the best ways to build your brand, grow your followers and email list and make much more money faster.

But still this method is not as easy as it looks! creating your own product requires a completely different level of skills, focus and welling to accept higher responsibilities, as you’ll be dealing with lots of hassles like; customer complaints, refunds, and merchant account issues …etc.

At the end, I hope you got some value from this article to help you decide how to start your affiliate marketing business and what is the best strategy for you.

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To your Success,

Ahmed Ali