(1) Traffic Generation Basics

What is Traffic Generation?

Generating traffic simply is getting people to see you visit your website or click on your affiliate links – They can call it also; generating visitor, online marketing, online promotions, all means the same thing.

One of the most important factors that causes people to fail in affiliate marketing or any other online business that requires generating sales is not being able to generate enough quality targeted traffic to there affiliate links, even if they did everything else perfectly!

There are two main factors that well affect on how this traffic will convert to sales:

FACTOR #1: The Quantity of Your Traffic:

It is obvious that the more people you can get to visit your affiliate links, the more potential sales you can generate. But, that will depend also on the second that I’ll explain next…

FACTOR #2: The Quality Of Your Traffic:

This is the most important factor that your need to focus on, because the higher the quality of your traffic is the higher your offer will convert. The quality of your traffic will depend mainly on Reaching targeted prospects who are interested in your offer.

For example: If you are sending a weight loss offer to people who already fit or not interested in this topic, obviously you will not generate any sales most likely, but if you get the same offer in-front of the people who are already looking for ways to lose weight then you should get a good sales conversion rate… Common sense!

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(2) Traffic Generation Free Video Training

What to learn more about traffic generation?

I have a Free Training Video to provide you with more details about traffic generation.
In this video you’ll learn:

  • Traffic Quality
  • Quality or Quantity?
  • Traffic Temperature (Cold, Warm & Hot) Traffic
  • Traffic Warm Up Formula
  • Free Or Paid Traffic?
  • Low Quality Traffic Sources To Avoid
  • Effective Traffic Sources To Use
  • Taking Action