3 Ways To Build A BIG Email List For Free!

What is An Email List?

In simple definition an Email List is a list for emails for targeted prospects who are interested in a specific topic.
For example: Make Money Online, Online Marketing, Weight Loss, Relationships, Finance …etc.

Why Do You Need An Email List?

The Main Reason is To Generate Free Targeted Traffic On Demand! And you can use this traffic fo diffrent purposes like:

  • Getting more views to your content like Blog Posts, YouTube Videos, Social Media Posts… etc. And that is in order to build your brand and provide value, so get your subscribers to Know, Like & Trust You.
  • And Recommend offers an make money (Your own products, Affiliate offers, or business opportunities)

What Will Happen If You Didn’t Build Your Own Email List?

Of you are not building any kind of list or followers here’s what is going to happen:

(1) You’ll Limit Your Opportunity To Grow Your Online Business!

Because you will need to keep generating traffic spending TIME or MONEY every time you need to promote a new offer! and Time & Money are limited resources! you can’t get more time or save it, and also you’ll have limited money to spend or paid advertising campaigns.

So relying only on Time and or Money to build your business and generate traffic may not be a wise strategy in the long run due to the limitation of those two resources, that and we didn’t put consideration for your energy and focus that you need to put in the process.

(2) No Leveraging Or Automation!

If you must keep working on your business activelylike a Zombie! – spending your limited resources (Time, Money, Energy & Focus) in the process of generating traffic and marketing to keep your business up and running, then it will be almost impossible to have serous growth in your income.

(3) Frustration & Quitting!

If you Ignore building any kind of list that may lead to frustration due to no or very limited growth, which may end up to get overwhelmed and totally quit.

Creating Your Own Products & Recruit Affiliate To Promote it For You

This is very powerful strategy if you have the skills, experience, tools and patience to implement it.
The way it works that you must create your own digital product like an Ebook, Video Course, or software to help people to do specific thing easier or faster, or to solve a specific problem.

Once you created the product, you need to create and set up your affiliate program through affiliate networks like ClickBank, JVZoo, Warrior Plus ..etc. And then you must start recruiting affiliates and offer them a good commission.

After that, those affiliate will start promoting your product through their affiliate links, and once they make any sale all of the BUYERS are going to be added to YOUR EMAIL LIST! so you are building buyers list and you make money as well from every sale generated.

The Downside of this Strategy:

  • It is NOT newbie friendly
  • It requires experience (Market Research, Product Content, Sales Letter and Video,  Building The Website, Recruiting Affiliates…etc)
  • It consumes a lots long time even if you have the skills and experience.

Creating Your Own Viral Marketing System With Built In Offers

You can build a marketing funnel with built-in offers and allow other people to copy this funnel for free.

Once they used the funnel and promoting it, they’ll get other people to copy the same funnel and they all work to build their email lists and your list as well.

That way you’ll be providing value in a form of Done For You marketing funnel and building a viral list in the process.

The Downside of this Strategy:

  • It is NOT newbie friendly
  • It requires experience to come up with the idea and implement it.
  • It can consume long time to build.

Done For You Marketing System With Built-in Autopilot List Building Component

This is Newbie friendly way as you don’t have to build the system or create your own product!

You just need to copy the system and start promoting it and get other people to join and build your email list for you for FREE!

This way is the way to go for newbies and beginners as it is easy and fast to implement. Somebody else will do all the work, you just need to copy the system and use it.

You can copy one of my funnel systems which is called 150 Leads Per Day and use it to build a BIG email list for FREE!

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